ѻ As a multinational company Pharaonic  International was established in 1995. The company is located in Egypt.

ѻ Pharaonic  International is considered as one of the new specialized companies in the field of Pharaonic  curios, manufacturing, and research & development.

ѻ The company produces different curios such as: Pazalt, Vaiper, Gepsum, Marble, copper, hopping to add other materials to our products in the near future.

ѻ Pharaonic  International is distinguished by its high quality products due to the following factors :
       ѻ The Implementations of the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).
       ѻ Modern production lines.
       ѻ Quality control lab equipped with the latest analytical instruments.
       ѻ Expert technical staff and Research & Development center.

ѻ Since the establishment of the company, Pharaonic  International in cooperation with other sister companies and research centers gives a priority for the development of new confections with better characteristics and higher activity.

ѻ Also Pharaonic  International is looking for more creative work.

ѻ Pharaonic  International is dealing with the local market demand through highly qualified team, who offers their services to clients in all Egypt. Also it is looking forward to fulfill the Arabian, African and European market demands by a high quality products.



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